libeXosip2  5.3.0
Data Fields
eXosip_tls_credentials_s Struct Reference

#include <eX_setup.h>

Data Fields

char priv_key [1024]
char priv_key_pw [1024]
char cert [1024]
char public_key_pinned [1024]

Detailed Description

structure used to describe credentials for a client or server consists of a certificate, a corresponding private key and its password

If the server requires a certificate from the client, you must provide the certificate, private key, and your private key password.

You can "pin" your public key certificate if you have received it. public_key_pinned must contains your public key file in DER format. To extract your public key from a PEM certificate in DER format, you can use the following command line: openssl x509 -in server-cert.pem -pubkey -noout | openssl enc -base64 -d > pub_key.der

Field Documentation

◆ priv_key

char eXosip_tls_credentials_s::priv_key[1024]

absolute path to a file with a private key

◆ priv_key_pw

char eXosip_tls_credentials_s::priv_key_pw[1024]

password to open private key

◆ cert

char eXosip_tls_credentials_s::cert[1024]

absolute path to a file with a certificate for the private key

◆ public_key_pinned

char eXosip_tls_credentials_s::public_key_pinned[1024]

absolute path to a file with the expected public key of server

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