libosip  5.3.0
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oSIP Thread Routines


struct  osip_thread


struct osip_threadosip_thread_create (int stacksize, void *(*func)(void *), void *arg)
int osip_thread_join (struct osip_thread *thread)
int osip_thread_set_priority (struct osip_thread *thread, int priority)
void osip_thread_exit (void)

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◆ osip_thread_create()

struct osip_thread* osip_thread_create ( int  stacksize,
void *(*)(void *)  func,
void *  arg 

Allocate (or initialise if a thread address is given)

stacksizeThe stack size of the thread. (20000 is a good value)
funcThe method where the thread start.
argA pointer on the argument given to the method 'func'.

◆ osip_thread_exit()

void osip_thread_exit ( void  )

Exit from a thread.

◆ osip_thread_join()

int osip_thread_join ( struct osip_thread thread)

Join a thread.

threadThe thread to join.

◆ osip_thread_set_priority()

int osip_thread_set_priority ( struct osip_thread thread,
int  priority 

Set the priority of a thread. (NOT IMPLEMENTED ON ALL SYSTEMS)

threadThe thread to work on.
priorityThe priority value to set.